Partnering Opportunities

Crowder welcomes the opportunity to partner with owners and engineers to achieve common project goals.

Our commitment to teamwork enables us to anticipate problems and prevent or minimize disputes that may arise through open communication with our partner.  Partnering helps decrease project costs, increase profits and reduce project completion time. 


What is Partnering?

Partnering is a win/win management approach that builds an atmosphere of cooperation, communication, and respect. This structured process establishes harmonious working relationships and mutual trust among major contracting organizations on a construction project. Partnering harbors a team approach to management which ultimately seeks to resolve disputes before they give rise to costly and disruptive claim situations. The main goal of the partnering process is to facilitate construction of a profitable, timely, safe and high quality project. 


The Partnering Approach

The partnering process must be initiated before the project begins. An initial partnering workshop should be attended by key project personnel from all partners. Participants work at identifying key issues and opportunities, clarifying performance and communication goals, increasing mutual understanding, and piloting specific action steps. Common goals are set and a strategic action plan is developed that defines the steps, responsibilities, and timeline. All partners must commit to full cooperation by both writing and signing a project misworkshops are held. Long-term partnering success is planned and accomplishments are recognized.

Crowder has used the partnering approach on many challenging projects. Over the past several years, Crowder has completed over $200 million of work utilizing the formalized partnering process. Partnering is the future of construction in the 21st century and it will remain a part of Crowder’s future management philosophy.

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