Crowder is committed to making a positive difference for our clients and our communities.
Every employee, client, subcontractor, and supplier makes a difference to us and adds value to Crowder.

Crowder’s diversity program is more than a response to client requirements – it is an integral part of our mission statement.  We are dedicated to providing opportunities to and supporting the growth of diverse and traditionally underutilized businesses to build and strengthen relationships in the communities where we work.


We actively work to recruit and foster these relationships, proactively seeking diverse subcontractors and suppliers to increase participation.  Each project is evaluated to determine specific opportunities for participation by local, small, disadvantaged and minority businesses.  We hold pre-bid workshops, providing bid documents for discussion of project details, assisting subcontractors and suppliers in understanding requirements to ensure their success on a project.  We also provide guidance in obtaining bonding, insurance, and financial assistance (such as payment via quick-pay or joint check agreement).



Crowder is committed to serving the needs of all of our relationships - including diverse subcontractors and suppliers - by providing numerous resources.  We focus on supporting the development and growth of these businesses through sharing best practices as well as providing training opportunities through Crowder YOUniversity and other partnerships.

 Crowder has teamed with the Carolinas AGC and Project SuperVISION to offer member pricing and/or negotiated rates for training participants.


Contact Christa Davenport at Crowder (cdavenport@crowdercc.com) or
Sandra Wallace at the CAGC (swallace@CarolinasAGC.org)
for additional training information.